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Saturday, 11 June 2011


After a couple of days in San Jose del Pacifico we made our way down the windy mountain road towards the coast. The change in the climate over the course of 3 hours is frightening. We climbed into the minibus wearing hoodies and sweaters, and by the time we arrived in Pochutla felt like we were all going to suffocate. It went from less than 10 right up to about 40 degrees.

From Pochutla we took another bus down the coast to Huatulco, which is quite a tourist coastal town. We headed down to a beach called Playa Entrega and hired some snorkeling gear. There is some coral reef in the bay, so we all spent most of the day swimming (well floating) around looking at the different types of fish feeding off the reef.

After spending the day swimming around and not so much laying on the beach, we headed back into town at around 7.30. As we had a few hours to kill before getting the bus to San Cristobal de las Casas at 11.30, we checked out the Kings Speech before jumping on the bus to make the 11 hour overnight bus journey.

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