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Monday, 30 May 2011

Hierve del Agua

The day after visiting San Bartolo, we made our way up into the mountains in Oaxaca to visit a petrified waterfall called Hierve del Agua. It was once a waterfall that cascaded over the side of a massive cliff, but due to the rich mineral content of the water, sediment slowly built up on the rocks until they dried and formed what looks like a frozen waterfall.

In order to get up to Hierve del Agua,we had to drive for an hour up the most treacherous mountain road that we have ever experienced. The road, which was barely big enough for the minibus, twisted and turned, climbing further and further up into the mountains. To one side of there road there was a massive sheer cliff face nearly the whole way up. It made for quite a nervy journey up, with a lot of white knuckles gripping the seats!

At the top we finally arrived at the waterfall. Two springs are located near the waterfall which fills two pools right at the top of the mountain. The pools spill over a sheer cliff face that drops hundreds of feet down into the valley below. The view of the surrounding area is spectacular.

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