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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Las aventuras de Ciara y Jordan en Mexico

The two real highlights of being here in Mexico have been the opportunities I've had to share my experiences with Da and Ciara. I've been living away from my family for a long time now, being at university for 5 years, and then the year here in Mexico, and I can safely say that being away from Ciara, Shea, Da hasn’t gotten any easier with time. I miss them all as much now as I did in the first few weeks I spent away from home. As a result of being so closely knit, I have found that one of the biggest challenges in life is getting the balance between having all the experiences which are important to me which exist away from home, and at the same time sharing as many experiences with my family in the time that we have. I think we all develop the mechanisms that enable us to get on with what we have to do without thinking about the distance between us, but in the moments when we are reunited, I always find that it all comes flooding back and has led to a lot of tear filled moments over the years.

I traveled down to Oaxaca overnight to meet Ciara at 9 o'clock in the ADO station in the city centre. It had been a year since I'd seen her so as much as I tried to sleep on the bus throughout the night, I didn't sleep a wink due to the excitement of getting to see her after all this time. We spoke on the phone when she arrived in Mexico City the night before and Ciara warned me that there were going to be a lot of tears when we saw each other, and true to her word, getting off the bus we shared a few teary but extremely happy moments. After being reunited once again, we set about getting our moneys worth out of the trip. She traveled over here with her two good friends Tommy and Roisin.

As they had all checked in the night before, they had already booked a dormitory in Hostel Don NiƱo. I can safely say that its the best hostel I've ever stayed in, and at only 150pesos (7.50) with breakfast, really cheap too. It's really clean and has all the facilities that you could possibly want. And for the nights where you have been walking around all day and fancy staying in the hostel to chill out, they have really comfortable TV and games rooms and the biggest selection of DVDs you'll find in a hostel.

We spent the first day walking around the Oaxaca City, starting of the Abasto Market. Oaxaca is a really safe city in and around the centre, but Abasto is not a place that is recommended for tourists, and if you go, you have to be really careful.
It isn't frequented much by tourists, as its significantly more dangerous, but its a really interesting and busy market were a lot of the local people do their shopping.
We walked all over the city checking out the many different craft markets which exist in the city until we literally couldn't walk any more.

Oaxaca is such a beautiful city which has maintained its unique identity. The city is always buzzing with music, dances and parades which are flamboyant shows of the colours and sounds of the local cultures. I don't think a day passes when there isn't some kind of parade or party.

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