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Monday, 21 March 2011

Puerto Escondido y Huatulco

After spending a few more days in Ixtepec , we travelled along the coast of Oaxaca, visiting two beaches along the way . We made our way to Huatulco which is about 4 hours north of Ixtepec. There are 9 bays in Huatulco which contain 37 white beaches. We spent the first day snorkelling near to a small section of coral reef near to Playa Entrega.

We then headed further north up the coast to Puerto Escondido. Its well known as a good place to surf, and as a result its an incredibly touristy place. The beach is beautiful but tends to be extemely busy during the high seasons. Its hard to move around without people trying to sell you something and the price of everything including food and hotels is much higher than in the surrounding beaches which are equally if not more beautiful.

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