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Friday, 4 June 2010

Yo no siento bien y otra historias

After a few weeks here, and after hearing many horror stories, I became aware that getting some kind of food poisoning or something similar was just a reality that everyone has to experience when they come to live in Ixtepec from abroad. The food at home is so sterile all the time, it takes a while to get used the different bacteria that the food contains around here. In the first few weeks a lot of dodgy stomachs were had by the new teachers here.I had watched pratically all the other foreign teachers get sick at some stage and listened to many horrible experiences they have had in the past but after I while I convinced myself that if it hadn't happened by now, it wasn't going to happpen. Unfortunately , last week something finally caught up with me.

It started off with some intense sweating and nausea in my office at work and progressed to be taken home to my house and spending a few hours laying on the bathroom floor in between throwing up all what felt like all the life that was left inside of me. My flatmate who had suffered from a similar thing and spent a few weekends in hospital here, came back from the University and after some discussion decided that I would be better off at the hospital!

I managed to get to see a doctor pretty quickly and considering the circumstances the whole hospital experience turned out to be not quite as stressful as I had thought. My Spanish is at the point now where communicating with hospital staff wasn't a problem

On to brighter things, the World Cup starts today, and Universidad del Istmo is kindly showing all the Mexico games in the auditorium. That meant that this morning when I arrived at work, i was able to eat breakfast and and then watch match. Its unfortunate that Ireland didn't make it into the World Cup but as Mexico is where I'm living now, its the team that ill be giving my full support to. The auditorium was packed with everyone from the university and the atmosphere was amazing. Unfortunately Mexico only managed to draw 1-1 against South Africa, the hosts of the tournament. Hopefully the games against France and Uruguay will pan out better and give Mexico passage into the second round. That will mean watching a lot more football at work instead of teaching classes!

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