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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

La Boda

One thing which you learn very quickly is that here in the Isthmus, the people like to party. They don't need much of an excuse here to throw a big party and get everyone involved. Everyday you can hear fireworks,bands marching and street parades going past our house, music playing and people celebrating different things.September is the really big festival month here in Mexico, and i am really looking forward to all the cultural events that take place at that time. September however, is not the only time that they like to party. There are different events and celebrations on all year round. I talked about the calendas that they have here in one of my previous posts. Calendas seem to happen quite often, and I've went to three different ones since I've been here. Another celebration which is really common here, especially in May and September is a 'vela'. The festivals known as a velas are parties held in honor of local patron saints. I have yet to experience a vela but it will be hard to avoid in this part of Mexico, so im sure I'll attend one soon. There are also various public holidays here which are celebrated, such as Dia de los Ninos, Dia de los Maestros, Dia de los Madres, they pretty much have a day for everything, and another excuse to celebrate something else.

On Saturday I was invited to attend a wedding and as I had heard that weddings were pretty big events here i was pretty excited at the prospect of checking it out. I have heard from various people here that they really go all out in wedding celebrations, to the extent that they will spend every penny that they have, even if they dont have a lot to spare to ensure that a really good time is had by all. They might not eat well for the rest of the year but they will rest assured that the wedding is remembered by everyone!

There was no church service, as it was a civil wedding, so the whole ceremony and reception took place in the same area. The service started off with a procession that was similar to that of a wedding at home. The bride accompanied by bridesmaids etc. was delivered to the groom accompanied by what I perceived to be their equivalent to the wedding march.

After the marriage there was a variety of different traditional processions/ dances, most of which are unique to this region, but there were a few things which are similar to a wedding at home, such as the bride throwing the bunch of flowers of her head to a group of bridesmaids hoping to be the next one to get married.

In the photo below the women are dancing around carrying really nicely decorated vases. Each one was hand painted with traditional colours and flowers. The women danced around and after a while they began exchange the vases with each other by throwing them up into the air and catching them again. After a while they finished the dance by smashing every single one of them on the ground in front of the bride and groom. I didn't quite get the significance of why they did it but it was quite enjoyable display!

We were treated to a few different traditional songs and dances throughout the day. The dances accompanied by the really colourful outfits that the women wear are really beautiful to watch.

The wedding was filled with all the music and culture of Ixtepec. The women and men all turned out in their tradional outfits, and we were entertained all day by two different, anad really talented bands. They played a variety of traditional music, and everyone danced the day and the night away. And by everyone that includes me. The dances here are something that the people grow up with and generally have a good idea how to do, whereas I still don't have much of clue but trying(and quite often failing) is always good fun, and the people here are always welcoming and willing to teach you.


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