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Monday, 19 April 2010

Talking about the weather

One aspect of living in Ixtepec that is very different to living in Ireland is that as an Irish person, our in built appetite for talking about the weather can never be satisfied in a place where the weather never changes! In most Irish language books I have seen, the section on the weather is usually a big one, due to the importance of being able to talk about the many different types of weather you can experience in one day. An example of a typical conversation that you could expect to have in Ireland- `Oh the weather is all over the place today. You know, I woke up this morning and the rain was lashing against my window, and by the time I had my breakfast it was off again. By the time I was having lunch the sun was out and I was able to go outside with just a t-shirt! Then three ours later the wind would have taken the coat off your back! Im telling you, it was freezing! And you know I spoke to someone who said that 2 minutes down the road they haven't had a bit of rain all day............ etc. Talking about the weather is a very important skill when living in Ireland as it is probably the first conversational topic you will cover with people you know as well as the people you don’t.

In Ixtepec the possibilities for conversation are pretty much limited to, 'es muy calor! ` or'si, mucho calor! 'So in other words,’ it’s very hot! Yes very hot!’ What is surprising is the fact that the weather hasn’t really changed since I’ve been here but the people still mention it briefly at every opportunity. So every day with every person, you just reiterate that it’s really, really hot. Given that I come from a culture where the weather is a key conversational topic, I try to be a little creative but there isn’t really a lot of much material to go on. My weather report for today is that it’s really, really hot, possibly a little hotter than yesterday. It was really hot yesterday. My prediction for tomorrow...........

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