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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Wrath of the Sun

My visa has finally been processed so tomorrow I will travel to the immigration office in Salina Cruz to pick it up. Hopefully tomorrow I will pick the visa up, come straight back to the university campus and fill sort out all the other administrative stuff that needs to be done, such as signing my contract etc. After that I will be given the keys to my office and I can begin to plan my lessons which I will start teaching on Monday.

The floor I am sleeping on at the moment has changed from the empty apartment at the university to another teacher’s new house. He has just recently moved into quite a big apartment on the second floor. It has a massive outdoor balcony / patio to hang out on, with a really good view. The new balcony area was the catalyst for my first major incident with the sun on Wednesday. I was lounging/sleeping out on the balcony just wearing a pair of shorts. It was pretty windy and cool so I didn’t really feel like it was that hot, but the sun was really high in the sky. I think I must have been out there for a few hours. When I went out to have something to eat that afternoon I didn’t feel burnt and my skin was still its usual pasty white but as the evening progressed I developed a complexion not unlike a ripe tomato. I now feel as though I am wearing skin on the front of my body that is about 3 sizes too small for my skeleton. It’s epic sunburn. I am surprised this is only my first after three weeks of being here, but it was inevitable it was going to happen at some point!

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