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Monday, 22 March 2010

Who needs washing machines..............

So another day in Ixtepec and another address! I have moved into a new house and my home for at least the next 6 months. When I arrived here in Ixtepec I spent some time looking around houses with another teacher and some of the houses that we looked at were incredibly rough. This house that I am now staying in is by far the best house that I have seen available for rent. It is spacious and clean inside. I stress clean because some of the places we have seen were anything but clean. Fortunately I am moving into a house were two other teachers were living so it has been really well kept.

The outside area is really what sold it to me. It has loads of space for hanging hammocks and a large garden with fruit trees. Being able to hang out outside the boiling concrete house is necessary for surviving the ever increasing heat.

Up until now I have been moving around and not had any access to clothes washing facilities, either hand or washing machine. I have been taking my clothes to a launderette but even with the cheap prices am I earning Pesos now so as a proportion of my wages, cleaning clothes is quite expensive. Now that I am settled in and have the facilities I have no choice but to resort to the unthinkable-wash my own clothes! I never hand washed so much as a sock in my entire life, so after a tutorial from a professional (my house mate Gretchen) my very first hand washing adventure began! Here is my step by step account of a possible life changing experience..........

Step 1- Put the clothes in a barrel(kindly supplied by Gretchen)

Step 2- Wet the clothes in the barrel( Water supplied by Mexico)

Step 3 An hour of blood,sweat, and soapy water.(grudgingly supplied by me)

Step 4 About 5 minutes in the heat and sun to completely dry all the clothes!!

So I survived the whole ordeal and to my surprise my clothes also made it through. Saturday was an incredibly hot day and using the cold water cooled me down somewhat, however I wouldn’t describe it as my ideal way to spend a hot day in the sun!

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