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Friday, 12 March 2010

Open your text books at page.......

I obtained my FM3 visa on Friday and after an epic day of form signing and having the finer points of the contract explained to me in Spanish, I was cleared to start work at the university on Monday.

I have two classes of level 3 students,one class of lecturers at the university and and two Information Technology reading workshops. The students here are very pleasant and all the things which i planned for my classes have been going to plan so far. The students that i am teaching English too are studying a variety of different subjects such as law, IT, and business. I teach the classes completely in English. It seems more difficult to the students at first but as time goes past they tend to benefit from hearing a different accent and learning to understand all the instructions that are given within the classroom. Its more of an immersion experience rather than the class being a lesson in translating from Spanish to English.

The stress of teaching for the first time was bad enough , but the intense heat during the day here, only served to increase the nerves that I already felt. There are ceiling fans within the classrooms but due to the noise which they create its not practical to have them on during the class, as its very difficult to hear the students talking. There are around 18 students in both of my classes, most of which made it in to the first lessons. They were pretty informal class in which we played some ice breaking games so that me and the students could learn some things about each other. I managed to emerge from the first day alive and unscathed so I think it was a sucess!

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