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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Change of scenery

There have been four changes of address since I arrived in Mexico. I stayed in two different flats on the university campus and more recently I had been staying with another teacher who found a really cool second floor flat with a balcony outside. The balcony on there was the main selling point when we both went to see it. It over looks a nice green part of Ixtepec and off into the mountains. The heat here is quite intense during the day, but the balcony is covered over and catches the entire breeze coming over the landscape. It makes for an ideal place to hang out when we have spare time. It has a massive hammock hanging in it which I grew rather attached to very quickly!

It’s been more sleeping on a mattress on the floor which is no problem apart from the amount of bugs, lizards etc that there are around here. You can't leave food of any kind in the kitchen or within minutes there is a massive line of ants carrying it all away! It’s truly amazing because they somehow seem to know when you open a packet of something. They go crazy for anything that has sugar in it.

The other companion which is quite common is the lizard. I don’t mind the lizards at all; in fact they are my favorite of all the other housemates because they generally keep themselves to themselves and hang out eating all the flies and mosquitoes.

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