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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Campus Ixtepec

I arrived in Ixtepec at about 10 o'clock in the morning and stepped off the bus into the blazing sun. I had reached that point of being so tired that I didn’t really feel it anymore but was walking around in a complete daze. On the bus I had been sat beside an old man who lives in Ixtepec and he directed me to where I could get a taxi out to the Ixtepec Campus. I jumped in a taxi and it took around 15 minutes or so to arrive at the entrance.

I was greeted by the armed guards that man the gates 24 hours a day. I have since gathered that there is no imminent threat to the university or its contents and that all the police and security around these parts seem to carry a large weapon of some sort but due to the heat and tiredness I sort of wondered what the meaning of it all was. After a lot of hand gestures and broken Spanish I managed to explain to the guards that I was a new teacher and asked them if they could show me where the language centre was. They took my name and got someone to escort me to the language department where I will be working.

After a few short introductions to the other staff in the language centre, I think everyone could tell by the exhausted and dazed look on my face that my highest priority was to go straight to bed. The university apartments are situated right in the middle of campus. The university has gone to great lengths to cover the area in trees and plants. There seems to be a constant team of grounds people desperately watering everything all the time because the ground is so incredibly dry.

The university has a couple of rooms that are furnished and made up for newly arrived teachers to stay for the first few days until they find somewhere permanent to live. I had no real expectations as to what to expect from the accommodation but it turned out to be really good. When I first got into the room I was nearly knocked over by the heat which had built up. At this point I realized how essential having air-conditioning is around these parts!

I pretty much just dumped my stuff straight on the ground and was unconscious within seconds!

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