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Friday, 29 January 2010

Limbering up

14 days and counting!The documents which i have been worrying about have been apostilled and I now have them in my possession. The wee piece of white paper that has been attached to them costs 30 quid. The person in Mexico who requires the apostilled documents better appreciate them.

Everything that needs to be in order, seems to be in order. This time last week, I didn't really have the money, or the right documentation to go to Mexico but its all changed and my preparations are all going to far. In fact it could be argued that my preparations for the trip are going too well, due to a stroke of luck recently.Well i say stroke of luck, its actually due to a very precise formula which is used in the deep and dark recesses of the governments tax dungeons. As i mentioned in the previous post, i had been waiting on a tax rebate from the good old inland revenue. I hoped that i would get somewhere in the region of £600-700, however the closer it came to receiving the cheque, the more I lowered my expectations. My financial position up to this point had been pretty poor and I estimated that i would need around £500 to keep me for the first month. The result of receiving £1000 would have been that i would have been in quite a comfortable position and could have afforded a few luxuries in my preparation. When i opened the cheque i discovered that i was being repaid £2,300! It means that i have plenty of money going over and was able to pay off my credit card before i go, which up until recently I could never have even considered.

There are about 7 vaccinations that I need before i travel, for typhoid hepatitis, diphtheria, rabies etc. I got one in each arm yesterday and have a dead arm sensation in both of my upper arms. I have a few more to get over the next 2 weeks and because of the cost of some of the injections i expect that i will have superpowers and something of an impregnable immune system......

The other preparation which is necessary for moving to a Spanish speaking country has been the small issue of....learning to speak Spanish! Ive been taking lessons every week at the same language school where i did my teaching qualification. Its going alright so far, i have some basic knowledge which will help me a lot when i get out there. As it stands, my accent is pretty terrible for Speaking Spanish in. Ive been watching a lot of Spanish films recently to get my ear around the language a bit more.Its not something I'm worried about though, as total immersion is definitely the way forward when learning any language. Ill probably learn more in the first few weeks there than i have done in three months here.

Finally, one of the many things that is set to change in two weeks is this, the view from my bedroom window in the mornings!

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