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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Visualising the Journey

View Trip to Mexico in a larger map
As the trip gets closer its beginning to feel a lot more real! Plotting the points on the google maps gave me butterflies in my stomach. I wouldn't say that i am worried about anything, but I am filled with a certain amount of nervous excitement, which will grow as time goes by!

My trip starts when i fly from Belfast International Airport to Chicago. I arrive at 13.00 and don't fly to Mexico until 15.00 the next day. At first this looks like a complete inconvenience but my brother is at University in Illinois, so he is going to come and meet me. We are gonna do a turbo charged tour of the city from lunch time till the evening the next day! I don't expect we will sleep as i try to take in as much of the city as i can in one day!After a chaotic day in Chicago ill fly to Mexico City. No site seeing will take place at this point as I'm going to travel straight to my final destination. It will involve getting the bus to Oaxaca and then another bus from Oaxaca to Ixtepec. The trip will last for around 12 hours. I anticipate 12 hours on board some incredibly hot buses!

Before i go there is one major thing left to do which is worrying my slightly, and probably unnecessarily as i have plenty of time.I have sent away my degree certificates and other documents away to be apostilled by the foreign office. If your scratching your head and wondering what apostilled means then you are the same as me. I had never heard of having a document apostilled before i needed to do it. The foreign office basically checks the documents authenticity and attaches a certificate that officials in other countries will recognise. Its necessary for getting a working visa in Mexico and in other countries. The documents are the final thing i need sort out before i go, so until they are in my hand I will worry about them!

Other than the documents everything else is in order, my flights are booked, i have found my passport in the piles of stuff in my room, and my sister bought me a new rucksack for Christmas!

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